Worlds Away

Maila C. , who is from Rome, Italy, started playing guitar when she was 5 years-old.
She started dancing when she was 11.

Maila appeared many times on Italian television working with Italy’s Heather Parisi, and appeared in Italian theatre often singing and dancing and with great success.

Maila C. sang with different bands in Rome over a period of years, and then began performing with Roberto , her Partner in Life, who plays keyboards.

Maila C. sang and played guitar in many great events in Rome and on the Island of Sardinia.
She also sang regularly in a gospel choir with the great gospel Singer Lucy Campeti.

Maila C. just released her first recording and music video, “ Left For Dead ” on Miralta Records. Maila C. conceived and choreographed the video which was produced in Rome by Video Master Giorgio Caridi.

Maila C. is currently on the island of Sardinia, where she is performing the entire summer.
Maila C. is on Facebook where she would love to hear from you.

The ‘Left For Dead’ video can be seen on YouTube and here on the Miralta Records website.